The Recovery Lifestyle

How to leave addiction behind, get excited about life, and become the person you deserve to be

Introducing an Uncommon Approach to Addiction

For those who have felt bound by addiction, getting out can seem impossible. But The Recovery Lifestyle by Canadian Certified Addiction Recovery Coach André Viel brings a new perspective. Adopting a Recovery Lifestyle had the power to bring freedom from addiction, and bring hope to those going through addiction, and their loved ones. 

Recovery is a personalized journey, and this book contains all the information and exercises André uses with his coaching clients to help them unravel themselves from the chains of addiction. 

Whether you are going through addiction yourself, or someone you love is suffering, this book will help you get on the path to recovery. 

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André's Journey to a Recovery Lifestyle

The first punch hit me in the temple and jolted me into survival mode. I kept getting up and yelling at my attackers but they wouldn't stop. They kept up their vicious attack; punching, kicking and bouncing my head off the pavement. 

It all happened so quick I didn't see it coming. Eventually the wounds from being attacked healed, but the emotional scars lingered. 


In response I turned to drugs and gangs to cope. Anxiety and depression hit me like a tonne of bricks and I spiraled out of control. I couldn't work my painting and cleaning business anymore, and made a lot of decisions that damaged relationships in my life. 


Eventually I hit my rock bottom and made the choice to turn my life around. Now my biggest passion is helping others going through addiction build their own recovery lifestyle. No matter how addiction has impacted you, know there is always hope. 


During my recovery, I experienced many frustrating moments trying to navigate the system, and my journey to recovery. I want to make the process of building a recovery lifestyle more accessible to provide hope for those who need it. 

André's Education and Certifications

André continuously works hard to gain knowledge and expertise on different ways to help clients and their families through their experiences. Thus, he proudly holds a University certificate in mental health and addiction from Ryerson University in Toronto. He is a certified recovery coach, family recovery coach and interventionist through The Addictions Academy. To add to his training, he has obtained a certification in mindfulness-based addiction recovery (MBAR) in the United Kingdom (UK) and he is also an acudetox practitioner having completed a training with the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA). In addition, Andre obtained a meditation facilitator certificate through Naturality, recognized by the Canadian Yoga Alliance. He is currently studying under a one year program for compassionate inquiry with Gabor Mate, a specialized training that helps uncover and recover from the root of trauma. 
With his extensive experience, Andre is the trainer for the Addictions Academy in Canada. He shares his knowledge to certify coaches to help them become well-formed and strongly qualified interventionists serving the members of their communities to overcome addictions.

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